How to View Behavior Flow for a Specific Page in Google Analytics

The behavior flow report on Google Analytics visualizes the journey the user took in your website. The report can be used to:

  • Identify what are the most popular paths your users are navigating through in your website.
  • Identify whether your users are going through paths you weren’t expecting.
  • Visualize how many users drop off at each step in their journey, which will allow you to fix potentially bad-performing funnels and user journeys.

View behavior flow for a specific landing page

The default behavior flow report shows all flows from all of your website’s pages. That information can be somewhat overwhelming when you’re trying to figure out what are the journeys your users usually take from a specific landing page.
So if you’re trying to understand the paths your users are usually using in your website, once they land in your homepage, a paid ad’s landing page, or any other page in your website, you can follow the instructions below.

  • On the left menu, navigate to Behavior => Behavior Flow.
  • Next to the landing page filter, click the gear icon.
  • In the expression text field, choose the landing page you want to start the behavior flow with, and click Apply.

Looking for a simple Google Analytics alternative?

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