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Visualime is a simple, lightweight and cookie-less.
We care about your users privacy, and yet we provide best in class analytics for your website.

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Simple Analytics

Legacy analytics tools such as Google Analytics offer hundreds of menus and charts, and are very complex to use. Visualime offers all the information you'll need to understand your website and users, in one page. It's that simple. Get information about the sources of traffic to your website, page counters, common countries your users are visiting from, session duration average, and all in a single easy to understand web page.

No cookies, great for GDPR

Most analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, are relying on cookies as part of the user tracking process. Visualime is a cookie-less analytics software allowing you to get your website's analytics without compromising on your users privacy. Therefore, you do not need to show a cookie consent or a GDPR consent banner on your website. This privacy-first approach will allow you to improve your website's user experience, and increase the trust of your users in your website.

Fast to load and track

Visualime is lightning-fast, and will have nearly zero impact on your website's speed. The tracking script is a lightweight script that will allow you to reliably get analytics for your website, without worrying about your website's speed being impacted by the tracking process.

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